Friday, August 31, 2007

Yahoo new-old policy

I dont know when did yahoo start this new (for me) policy, it is regarding yahoo messenger channels, the last time as I remember the channels were riddled with bots,spambots,worms...etc.
Until today I discovered that they have changed the channels a little bit,they put their own bot, "yahoo messenger admin", where it supervise who gets in,so in order to chat in a channel you must verify your account by a link .
Alot of messengers and internet chat servers do that, so I consider it as waking up late from yahoo, it maybe a wise step but a late step they lost alot of costumer confidence in past time.
As I tried to understand the way how the 'new' policy workes I used packetyzer(just like ethereal) it really helped me to see what that verification link is all about.
After your browser launches the link :
GET /go/captchat/?img=
kVoIPnhURbTiD4FwuiEAMSIKC64X0B4xEuyecptqsUVWs2NfAjAlo5z_Ens1E1U_A--.jpg&.intl=us%20) HTTP/1.1

After the server checks your word verification, it will send a a link to deferred link:
The document has moved < href="">
And there at that link /captchat/close?.intl=us , a page displaying a congratulation sentence of you verified your account.
So that "Messenger Chat Admin" is linked to the servers and get the answer of the verified account from them.
Lastly , will this stop malware programmers ..I might be paranoid but I can sense some bots here and there in some channels, but they are much less than before.


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