Monday, December 03, 2007

Dreadful night fixing my laptop!

Seems that I had my own share of hardware dreadful trips!So circoficus would not be the alone any more in that field. Today I had the most dreadful event regarding computer hardware ever, While I was using my laptop something happened that made me rush into it(electrical power came!!) when I didnt realize that I am going to make the biggest mistakes of my life.
Hearing sound of a falling object , I rolled my eyes to it,it was my laptop on the floor, it fell from my desktop to the ground and the cd-rom slot ejected out, I run to it seeing that windows is still running but after few seconds it frozen ,restarting it I noticed that the cd-rom device is not recognizable! also the cd-rom device was a little bit out of its place.
Unconsciously I started using screwdriver trying to find out an answer of whats just happened, after a while of unscrewing tight screws(more than 20 ones) my fingers sored and blistered, something belled in my head WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING!
So after regaining my conscious ,I worked thru internet from my desktop pc trying to figure out a way to get access to my cd-rom device.
After some time browsing I reached to a site explaining how to change Acer Aspire 1264 (or some model of Aspire series) CD-ROM Driver fortunately that model and my travelmate 4060 were somehow alike.
The manual stated that in order to replace cd-rom device of a laptop the keyboard should be removed . Well that what I did, and after several attempts I got access to the screw that guards the cd-rom device !
Now I had to Re-place the cd-rom device back into its normal position and putting back all other stuffs in its place .That took me a while since it passed 1:00 am .
At about 2:00 am I started tha laptop ,and haaaaay what a relief the cd-rom works fine and what granted that playing HappyFeet movie,which gave me an idea about a name for my laptop (weird talking)
Now checking hard-disk for possible damage ,my D partition as windows stated is ok,so I had to check other partitions to confirm no bad sectors or the like of damage had occurred.
At the moment I think my day is finished and right now my keyboard is making funny clicking when pressing certain keys. Regarding this experience I am more attached than ever to my "HappyFeet" Laptop!

Here are some pictures documenting this event!

-Wrong step (Opening the back cover to reach CD-ROM)

-Laptop Hard-disk(easy to replace)

--::Now regarding the correct steps of replacing CD-ROM device::--


-Step 2

-step 3

Now you only need to put all things back together!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

first of all, congrats on the pleasant way things turned out to be,
second of all,i really think that u did the right thing when u stopped unscrewing the screws and wondered wat r u doing since being confused can lead to much worse troubles, eg easily snatching a fine cable or wire.
third of all, after all the trouble and late night drama, all u could think about is to watch happy feet?!

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

U were lucky in this incident, check out

5:45 PM  
Blogger buggycoder said...

comment1: I didnt watch happyfeet but I used it as an indicator, first dvd on my site
comment 2: The link is not working!

2:13 AM  

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