Sunday, December 10, 2006

SWF Movie player

Wasting time and nothing else I do these days apart from daily horror living in Iraq ,I decided to post some of the stuff I learned long time ago .
It is about Streaming SWF player ,With my Internet Connection it is impossible to stream any shit,so I made a series of SWF decompiling procedures and found some info that helped me to get the movie downloadable URL. you need flv-player to play the downloaded file []
To download their .flv file you need to take tha token number and fill it in this link ,copy paste that URL into address bar and a displayed text begining with and ending with .flv now that link change every %2f with / "forward slash" now you have the URL for direct downloading.
To download tha .flv file that is been streamed through a .swf player take the value after video_id and t value from the URL of and create this URL out of it[fill]&t=[fill] ,now just copy paste to downloading software and the file will be between your hands.
View page source code and find the ../player.swf?parameters= ,copy the value of parameters and paste it in an address bar then find the value "file" in the displayed test copy the value after "file=" to the "&" then append /movie.flv to it ,now you have a downloadable version of the streamed movie.

----------------------------See this picture :lol:

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Anonymous cecile said...

check this out - if possible with the 'available' connections...

5:47 AM  
Blogger buggycoder said...

well I may download it but it would take lot of time :(

3:20 PM  

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