Friday, December 14, 2007

Using Keygen to register RTL8186 "AP router" firmware

AP router firmware was one of my first choices to install as a substitute to the original firmware of my senao ECB-3220 accesspoint, because it offer much more features that the original firmware, some of which, but not restricted to: the ability to act as a router from both interfaces, ie the client side can be from the wireless end (ie the LAN port is from the ISP) or the client side can be from the LAN end(the ISP in this case is providing wireless internet) in addition to the fact that its in English!.
i found two types of keygens for the AP router on the net, APLicGen 2.1 which doesn't require Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and supports AProuter 6.1 & 7, WAP 3.6 & 4.1 (i have only tested the AProuter 6.1 and found it working with this version) and APLicGen which requires java and supports all the versions supported by the 2.1 version except AProuter 7.
the way this keygen worked for me is that i should enter the MAC address (without the semicolons) mentioned in the upload license file page rather than the one mentioned in the status page (the default page when you open the ip address of the access point).
the only difference between the two versions is the size and requirements of Java.
If for some reason the jar extension doesn't run for u by double clicking u can download and run jarfix.exe, which associates .jar extension with the appropriate java suite (ie it must be installed beforehand).

APLicGen2.1 (Supports AProuter7, doesn't require JRE)

(APLicGen1 smaller in size, requires JRE)

You can also check this site for the official APLicGen site.

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Blogger Allan Garcia said...

Any way to get this (jar) in zip or gz format?

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

technically speaking, jar file is itself a zip file. hope that was useful

4:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mycha Gracias!

7:12 AM  

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